Матахарис (2007) HDRip


Комедия. But her investigation brings her face to face with a difficult emotional and ethical decision. All three will have to cross the thin line dividing public and private matters, bringing their own issues to light in order to solve more than just their professional cases. Thanks to the collaboration of Manuel, she gets to the heart of company intrigues. Eva, just back from maternity leave, is juggling work and family obligations when she discovers that her partner Inaki is hiding something fundamental to their future as a couple. Private detective Ines infiltrates the employees at a multinational corporation. Carmen, the most experienced of the three, observes and tapes Sergios marital collapse but cant see her own marriage is dead. While working at the detective agency run by Valbuena, these three surveillance specialists often invade others privacy but are clueless about confronting their own secrets.

Категория: комедия

IMDB: 5.9



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